Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Photos of our latest babies

Here's the gang that I've been hanging with lately. Mama Louise had triplets, again. This is the second time she's had babies AND the second time she's given us triplets. What a Lady! More on her later.

We've named them Ross (big white spot on top of head), Emil (long beige stripe on face), and Pearl (standing). Did I mention that Pearl is the ONLY girl this year? Whew! We had nine babies: eight boys and one girl. Do I need to tell you that she gets just a little bit of extra care?! Didn't think so. But not really, all our babies are treated with tender care. This set was born July 7, 2006 around 4 in the afternoon. I was with Louise for the first two babies, the boys. After waiting for about 45 minutes, I went upstairs to let the new family get acquainted. When I came down about an hour later, there lay our little jewel -- the ONLY girl. Our little black Pearl.

We name all our registered Nubians after country western singers. Our little black Pearl fit right in with another doe named Minnie. Now we have the classic entertainer Minnie Pearl respectfully commemorated.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nubian Dairy Goats at the Sleeping Dog Ranch

From time to time, I'll post a few pictures as a way of introducing our goats. Hey, I think they're wonderful and delightful to work with. I believe our photographs will help show their incredible personalities.