Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Goat Milk Soap Factory is better than ever

More space, more storage, more supplies, more designs. My factory and I are up and cooking. Be on the lookout for new designs, new colors, new fragrances, and new products.

Taking a few steps back, a little time off, and loads of re-thinking has been worthwhile. I've developed several new products, new designs, and have tweaked my formulas just a bit. Sometime I need to STOP and focus. It is so easy to get carried away with so many creative endeavors that I over load myself. Whew!

That surgery in March was a blessing in many ways. First a primary cancer tumor was removed. IF we had caught it earlier that would have been the end of my cancer story. But no, that rascal had spread into my liver leaving about eleven small tumors there. The good news is that carcinoid tumor cancer is extremely slow growing. So if I lose weight (a possible cause of cancer), exercise (cancer hates exercise but then again, so do I), eat well (no more processed anything and tons of cancer-fighting foods), and take my octreotide shot every month, then I should be fine for years and years and years. I'll be going in for tests every three months for a while just to keep an eye on 'things'.

Second, the time down while recovering meant STOPPING EVERYTHING for several months. Not only did I not have the physical energy but I didn't have the mental energy either. Since I couldn't do much of anything I used that time to reflect on what was/is important to me and my family. In my inimitable fashion, I had managed to overload myself with so many projects that none were getting done. Forget doing them well, several projects were setting around in boxes waiting to be taken to the next level.

I quit soapmaking several times. Even got my husband to agree. But then I went into my factory and noticed all the soothing oils, healing aromatherapy scents, and designs waiting for me.

But above all, I read my customer list. I read the names of families who have enjoyed my work for years. That rejuvenated me most of all.

As I regained my strength I started cleaning the factory, moving stuff around, making more room, reorganizing my process. I even cleaned areas that were hard to get to or that hadn't been cleaned in a long time. THAT was where the remodeling came in. I couldn't move walls but I could move just about anything else. So I did.

I'll still carry the favorites but I'm focusing on my proven formulas, classic designs, fresh fragrances, and targeted marketing.

Pictures will be coming soon but for now I'm cranking in the factory and finishing a few research and development ideas. I promise, just a few ideas.

Keep smiling,
Pat Allen