Thursday, August 26, 2010

New soaps are on the drying shelves

The new soaps are looking and smelling very good. Husband Bob checked 'em out last night. To us, 'checkin' 'em out' means touching, smelling, and seeing the soaps. (Although there is a 'taste' test for lye soaps, we don't do that. ughhhh)

The hearing sense takes place when Bob purrs while he's investigating the newest batch. If he doesn't go uuuuuuuuuuuuu and ahhhhhhhhhhhh, that batch goes no further. We only want the really nice, fine goat milk soaps.

Bob is our Inspector General and a tuffffff job it is. His facial expressions either make or break a batch. So far ... so good.

This new batch is still very wet so they'll need extra drying time. I added a bit more goat milk then usual but the difference will be worth the extended drying time.

Be on the lookout of a photo. I'll post one after they've been polished and are closer to being ready for you. Thanks for visiting, Pat

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