Saturday, August 21, 2010

Milk Proteins and Milk Fats in Milk-based Handmade Soaps

Soap made with milk is naturally protein and fat rich. Milk fats absorbed into handmade milk soaps produce a naturally moisturizing soap.

These unique properties of milk-based handmade soap are an all-natural way of moisturizing dry, delicate skin.

The two tables compare the protein and fat percentages on a variety of animals.

Percentage of protein in milk
Animal -- Percent protein
Cow -- 3.5
Goat -- 3.5
Sheep -- 5.8
Buffalo -- 3.6
Reindeer -- 10.3

Percentage of fats in milk
Animal -- Percent fats
Holstein cow -- 3.55

Nubian goat -- 5.0
Saanen goat -- 3.5
Sheep -- 6.4
Buffalo -- 7.9
Reindeer -- 20.3

Of these animals, I prefer the goat. Cows can and do step on you and that hurts. Sheep are too labor intensive. Buffalo are too big and often refused to be milked. Reindeer, on the other hand, are cool weather critters who probably wouldn't be happy in North Carolina. But I sure would like to try some reindeer milk soap.

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